Students de-stress with yoga


Soft music floated out of Gym 2 as students stretched under the instruction of the yoga teacher during eighth period.

As part of the “Stress Less, Laugh More” initiative, Active Minds gave students the chance to de-stress with yoga on May 1.

“We chose yoga because it has true, real effects on stress levels” school psychologist Gregory Myers said.

Students were told to rate their stress levels before the activity on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most stressed. After the activity, they were asked to rate their stress level again so the results could be measured.

“Theoretically, at the beginning, the students didn’t know why they were being asked so at the end we asked them again,” Myers said. “Nearly 100 percent of students’ stress levels went down.”

There will be more activities held during the week including donuts or “do not freak out’s” on Thursday morning where students will share their best de-stress methods. On Friday, laughter yoga will be an activity for the first time, sponge wars will be held during B-block.