Forensics Speech club hosts first Speechfest


Freshman Cheryl Mensah presents her story at Speechfest.

Everyone doubled over laughing as freshman Cheryl Mensah swung her hips and mimicked brushing her teeth, telling the story of the famous “America’s Got Swag” contestant, the hula-hooping, tooth-brushing Amy.

Mensah was one of the many participants of Speechfest, an event held during eighth period on Wednesday to showcase the talents and work of club members.

Forensics Speech meets both A and B block on Wednesdays. A team of about 24 students actively compete in competitions both locally and nationally.

Speakers can compete in multiple interpretive or original categories. Interpretive categories include poetry interpretation, dramatic literature, humorous literature and duo. There are also competitions that allow students to prepare and recite original works.

“It was really cool to see how dramatic and talented TJ kids are,” said freshman Joyce Duan, “It kept me interested the whole way through.”