Take the Floor project provides practice for IBET presentation


Freshman Joyce Duan presents her project.

Everyone doubled over laughing at the video of Tickle-Me-Elmo playing on the SmartBoard, including freshman speaker Joyce Duan, who was presenting on how and why people laugh.  Duan and other freshmen presented various topics for the “Take the Floor” project on March 15.

Assigned in many freshman English classes, “Take the Floor” gives students an opportunity to practice their public speaking skills and learn about topics that fascinate their peers. The project was created with the upcoming IBET presentations in mind.

“Middle school presentations were not very professional as we were given a script to follow and could basically include all of our information in a PowerPoint,” freshman Nadia Mushtaq said.

“For the Take the Floor project, however, we had to really know our topic, which I think will help me to feel more confident for the IBET presentation.”

These IBET presentations will be presented to the general public and the entire school community during tjSTAR on May 31, also.