Chess team plays international game

The Beijing Chess Team was met with a checkmate during the first international chess game held at Jefferson earlier this month.

The team consisted of eight members of varied ages who had traveled halfway around the world in order to compete against the TJ Chess team on Feb. 15.

The Jefferson team won 8-0 and received a $200 donation to the Chess Club fund. Chess team captains, sophomore Jeevan Karamsetty and senior Kun Liu, as well as Chess club sponsor, Computer Systems lab director Peter Gabor, organized the event.

“It was very nice to have an international group come by and play. It was a really friendly competition,” Gabor said.

The competition also had a surprise visit by Principal Evan Glazer, who played against one of the members of the Beijing chess team.

“I remember Dr. Glazer saying that he hadn’t play chess in so long that he could only play a five-year-old,” Gabor said. “Then came the 5-year-old from the Beijing team.”