Students don traditional clothing to celebrate International Nite


Senior Ghazal Rashidi dons traditional Persian clothing.

A group of girls laughed as they helped each other spin into colorful saris with fancy embellishments. The hallway was a flurry of silky fabrics and shimmering cloths as students were dressed in traditional clothes from different cultures.

Due to International Nite (I-Nite) being held later at night, on Feb. 15, students celebrated international culture during school day by dressing up in costumes from cultures all around the world.

“I feel proud of my culture,” sophomore Austin Ly said. Ly was dressed in an áo dài, a traditional Vietnamese tunic for men.

In addition, to celebrate her culture, senior Ghazal Rashidi put on a traditional Iranian dress from the Kurdish culture.

“Although the dress is not worn everyday anymore, women usually wear this for special occasions and ceremonies,” she said.

However, the popular choice of the day was, as most students wore, Indian clothing.

Freshman Jay Gupta wore his kurta pajamas, which consists of a long tunic, loose pants usually made of silk, and a chunni, a scarf that is meant to embellish the outfit. In particular, Gupta’s chunni was white with big stripes of orange and green, the colors of the Indian flag.

“I want to tell people my heritage. I was born in India,” he said. “I’m really proud of my roots and I want to express that.”