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Gracie Abrams’ ‘Risk’ was one definitely worth taking

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

Gracie Abrams’ song “Risk” has won the hearts of hopeless romantics across the globe with its yearning, desperate lyrics and catchy, vibrant tune. It marks the beginning of a new era for Abrams, as the lead single for her highly anticipated upcoming album, “The Secret Of Us.”“Risk” is one of her most lively and extroverted songs to date, which gives us a peek into what the rest of the album could sound like. This song takes an unexpected turn from Abrams’ typical soft bedroom pop into a new, bold style of music she hasn’t explored before.

As the title indicates, the track delves into the uncertainty and potential risk that comes with taking such impulsive chances in love. Aaron Dessner’s—Abrams’ longtime producer and co-writer—production paired with Abrams’ vocals summons listeners to contemplate their own experiences with the thrilling aspect of falling so hard, so fast.

“Risk” is a song that ignites the memories of a universally shared experience between the artist and fans. Its raw, emotional lyrics encourage singing along moments, transforming that vulnerability of taking risks into an overwhelming experience. Dessner’s production brings an intense energy to the track, with the fiery guitar in the background mirroring Abrams’ passionate vocals as she sings about the risks of love.

In the music video, the visuals are comforting and playful, capturing the overarching theme of growth and taking chances. The song’s theme, taking risks, and personal development all are represented in the moment. At the end of the video, she runs away from the man she was so desperately chasing and starts running in her own direction, paving a new path for herself. The timing of this scene lines up with the lyrics “You’re the risk, I’m gonna take it,” concluding the video, and leaving a lasting impression on the audience. 

This song also incorporates parallels to one of her other songs, “Close To You,” which was written seven years ago, and released recently as well, where she sings, “I burn for you/But you don’t even know my name.” In “Risk,” she sings, “God, I’m actually invested/Haven’t even met him.” In both songs, Abrams expressing the sentiment of falling in love with someone before actually getting to know them. 

With its danceable beat and powerful vocals, Abrams invites listeners to confront their own fears and embrace the chance of new beginnings through “Risk.” Though some may discredit her hard work, and attribute it to her family’s connections, which very well may have helped her gain exposure to the entertainment world. However, it is her undeniable talent, raw emotional honesty, and ability to craft relatable narratives that have solidified her place as an artist on the rise. 

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