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Spring into fashion

Junior Celeste Tran discusses her journey and personal connection with fashion
Nana Sarpong
Showcasing an outfit thrifted from YesStyle, an online clothing brand, junior Celeste Tran features her monochromatic floral dress. “I find that thrifting my outfits can save me a lot of money in the future. I also think that thrift stores are looked down upon a lot, but I believe that there are pretty good finds in them,” Tran said.

April showers bring May flowers and new clothing styles. As warmer weather settles in, junior Celeste Tran is embracing breezy fabrics, floral patterns and playful jewelry. For Tran, fashion is a form of escapism from the stress of school and life. When she wants to take her mind off of work, Tran uses YouTube videos to come up with different cosplaying ideas.

“With TJ being a stressful environment, having to balance many subjects and keep my grades up, I think that being able to cosplay when I get home brings some of that stress off of me and allows new ideas to flourish,” Tran said. “I am able to incorporate different types of styles into my own outfits.”

Tran starts to include natural colors into her outfits during the spring, resulting in a more lightweight style than the winter. Tran has many sources of inspiration that spark her self-expression.

“I look up to the lovely and elegant Mina Myoui from TWICE for fashion because of her alluring nature and sense of style. I’d say my Pinterest explore page allows me to pick out my own pieces that I think fit the aesthetic for spring,” Tran said.

Tran’s journey in fashion began in middle school due to the influence of different styles, such as cottagecore and grunge. 

“On a random day in middle school, I decided I wanted to be more involved in the world of fashion to express myself,” Tran said. “I’ve been using the app Pinterest for a while, and once the algorithm adopted what I wanted my style to be, I got more invested.”  

To embody spring’s energy, Tran adds new fabrics and accessories to her outfits. Each item conveys the outdoor spirit of spring. 

“I like to include pastel colors, skirts and ribbons in my outfits. Skirts are one of the most breathable pieces of clothing, which is vital for the warm temperatures that come along with the season.” Tran said. “I wear green pretty much year round, but I try to incorporate it more during spring to match the uprise of greenery in the environment,’ 

This season, Tran hopes to add more sustainable pieces to her closet, as spring emphasizes the value of nature. 

“My goals for this spring are to incorporate more sustainable fashion pieces within outfits. I feel that spring is centered around lighter fabrics, pastels, and floral, nature-like patterns,” Tran said, “Opting for breathable fabrics can be a good way to include sustainability with my spring apparel.”

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