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The perfect bonding activity: escape rooms

Image courtesy of Bond’s Escape Rooms
Escape rooms are a fun way to hang out with friends and enjoy your time together. From solving tricky puzzles to finally opening the last door, escape rooms will never fail to amaze everyone.

The clock is ticking, as you rush to find the last clues to unlock the final door. While you search for clues, your friend is in the corner brute-forcing the keypad. Trying every combination of numbers, it’s clear that they won’t be getting anywhere far. The other friend has given up. Wondering if they should ask the person on the other side of the walkie-talkie for clues. Another friend is trying to use clues that you already used 20 minutes ago. 

Escape rooms. The perfect way to bond with your friends and do during your free time.

It can be extremely difficult to plan activities with friends, especially if people have conflicting interests. Going to the mall or the movies may not be everybody’s cup of tea. However, escape rooms can easily pique anyone’s interest. With various levels of difficulty, each room has a unique theme and storyline that it follows, making escape rooms an enjoyable way to hang out with friends. 

Struggling through the puzzles together is a fun way to learn more about friends. It can also build better teamwork and overall improve your relationship. Challenges and hardships naturally bring people together, escape rooms are a low-stakes way to have challenges. 

Additionally, escape rooms confine people to a certain amount of space. While doing something else, not all of the time may be spent with friends. However, in an escape room, there is a guarantee that the entire time will be spent with other people and friends. 

Though escape rooms require at least an hour, which can be difficult for some people, going to the movies or the mall takes up just as much time. Going to the mall may not work well for some people if they don’t like shopping. Despite the movies being a great place to go, there’s not much “bonding” that can happen. However, escape rooms are a one-stop shop. They are guaranteed to grab the attention of every participant and allow them to come together to achieve a shared goal: opening the locks and getting out of that room. 

By the end of the escape room, regardless of whether or not the team escapes, everyone will have a shared sense of joy. If they were unsuccessful in escaping, everyone would feel disappointed but also laugh at how stupid they were. If they were successful, there would still be a mutual feeling of pride and accomplishment. 

Escape rooms are wonderful to do if you and your friends are already very close, you’ll have a good idea of what to do and immediately get started. You’ll just be forming more memories. Even if you aren’t that close to the friends you are going with, you’ll definitely know each other better. Struggling together unites people. 

Not only will you form unforgettable memories, you will become closer by the end of that brain-twisting hour. 

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