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It’s celebration time

Madonna celebrates her legacy through “Celebration Tour”
K. Mazur
Madonna returns to the stage in her ongoing Celebration Tour.

After battling an infection in the ICU and being forced to reschedule her “Celebration Tour,” Madonna has finally made a comeback to the world of music.

This tour is a compilation of all her old songs, unique to the others that center around a specific album or hit. She references her debut songs and continues down to more recent ones: a celebration of her eras indeed. 

From flying in the air during songs to blasting out hits, the Celebration Tour is an amazing reflection of Madonna’s progress and life journey.

Here are the top ten songs from Madonna’s celebration tour.

10. “Nothing Really Matters”

The opening act for the tour, “Nothing Really Matters” is an inspirational song to kick off the night, inducing life into the viewer with its mix of ballad and pop. The lyrics send a message about positivity and togetherness, creating a sense of wonder as you listen. As its beat picks up, the listener recognizes its beauty as a “traditional” Madonna song—the soft voice and preppy beat combine to create a classic. 

9. “Everybody”

Madonna’s first single ever, “Everybody” certainly calls back and hails the beginning of the artist’s reign over our ears. With a more upbeat tempo, “Everybody” is a synth-pop that has a catchy beat and establishes a strong connection with the “disco” vibes of the 80s. The chorus uses a repetition that’s sure to get stuck in your head instantly, and gets people up and moving.

8. “Burning Up”

A different atmosphere from Madonna’s usual songs, “Burning Up” is a very low-profile song, with muted noises concealing an undercover beat that feels like you could listen to it forever. Fans say that the song is severely underrated and describe it as “just dirty bass and the dance floor.”

7. “Bad Girl”

Portraying a strong emotional conflict, “Bad Girl” is one of Madonna’s most artistic songs. It paints the scene of unrequited love in a spy-type movie and perfectly captures the messy feelings of a tangled romance that might be paining the singer. It relies more on the emotions behind the music and lyrics rather than just pumping out powerful beats, creating a stronger connection with the listener.

6. “Celebration”

The basis for this whole tour, “Celebration” serves as an apt inspiration for the tour, with a very carefree mood and partying mindset. The lyrics give a euphoric feel and tell listeners to stop worrying and to just dance like no one’s watching. “Celebration” gives messages of letting go of stress and hesitation, and just living in the now.

5. “Vogue”

“Vogue” challenges others to let go of boundaries on the dance floor and to “let your body move to the music.” Every part of this song is recognizable and iconic, from the whispers to the trumpets, and the song seems to sparkle compared to the rest of the album. The upbeat rhythm and fun song lyrics had me coming back for more as the song went on.

4. “Hung Up”

The audio going viral just a couple of years ago, “Hung Up” is so vibrant and so catchy right from the beginning that you can’t help but get attached. The start is strong, and it just keeps doubling down from there. One highlight of the song that many fans seem to converge on is the use of a sample from ABBA’s hit “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!,” which Madonna incorporates flawlessly into the piece. 

3. “Ray of Light”

The most energetic song in this list so far, “Ray of Light” is a joyful song describing the feeling of it seeming like you’ve “just gotten home.” It shines a light on the tragedies of the modern world and reminds the listener that it will be ok. Some even say that this one song is bigger than careers. The lively background music and powerful vocals made this song one of the highest on this tier list.

2. “Into The Groove”

The song originates from the 1985 film “Desperately Seeking Susan,” and is a perfectly aging R&B original. “Into The Groove” is a timeless “Madonna” classic that perfectly captures her spirit and song sense. If Madonna could turn herself into a song, this would be it.

1. “La Isla Bonita”

Again a strong storyteller, “La Isla Bonita” sends a powerful message through following a passionate romance. It’s warm, and a beautiful song that invites you to come to the island. Your heart gets attached to the rawness of the emotions and incredible storytelling; it’s like you can see the two falling in love right in front of you.

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