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10 stationery items every student needs

What stationery is the best for Jefferson students?
Kimberly Cruz-Cruz

At Jefferson, owning stationery, whether it be a #2 pencil or a 6-in-1 pen, is absolutely vital to studying. Here are the top ten stationery items that every student should consider having in their pouch.

10. Mini hole puncher: SHIDOW Mini Hole Puncher
Image courtesy of SHIDOW

Whether it’s your new math packet or a worksheet your teacher handed out, paper notes are a key part of learning at Jefferson. Owning a mini hole puncher can help you quickly punch a few holes into those note packets and neatly store them in binders or folders. The SHIDOW Mini Hole Puncher is not only compact, but packs a punch.

9. Eraser pen: Pangda Retractable Eraser
Image courtesy of Pangda

Mistakes are inevitable, but how can you erase them if your pencil’s eraser tip is dead? That’s where Pangda’s retractable eraser comes in – an eraser in the shape of a pen that can be refilled easily. The eraser has an easy grip and can erase without leaving any marks, making it the perfect next addition to your pencil pouch.

8. Erasable pen: Uni Ball Erasable Pen
Image courtesy of Uniball

A pen is something that uses permanent ink, so once you’ve written it on paper, there’s no erasing. But that’s where expectations break. The Uni Ball Erasable Pen uses ink that is not only erasable, but also water resistant, sunlight resistant, and more pigmented than other pens.

7. Pencil sharpener: KUM Long Point Sharpener
Image courtesy of ALVIN

After using a pencil for a while, the lead gets dull, but if you just sharpen your pencil with anything, the lead can become too sharp and break off easily. Finding the right pencil sharpener is key, that’s why the KUM Long Point Sharpener is here. The KUM Long Point sharpener has a clear bin so you can see when it’s time to throw away the shavings, and the KUM Long Point first shaves off the wood on your pencil, and then creates a sharp tip by shaving the lead.

6. Mini Stapler: Swingline Mini Stapler
Image courtesy of Swingline

When submitting a project, collecting your notes, or submitting forms, a stapler can come in handy. A mini stapler can save time when doing any of these tasks. That’s why the Swingline Mini Stapler must be one of the add-ons to bring to school. Not only is the stapler compact, but it also has a nice, sleek design and strong stapling power.

5. White out: Bic White Out Correction Fluid
Image courtesy of BIC

Sometimes teachers require students to work with pens for their writing or use permanent ink for poster projects, and if you don’t plan it out, you could make a mistake that’s permanently on your paper. Although, with correction fluid, you can quickly patch up any mistake and have another shot at it.

4. Highlighter: Zebra Mildliner
Image courtesy of 8Lotus

The key to annotation is emphasizing the main points of the article. One can do that by highlighting or circling these sections. The Zebra Mildliner Highlighters can do that. By using their wide variation in colors, fine and thick tips, strong coverage, and easy writing is provided by these highlighters.  

3. 0.5 mm Mechanical pencil: Kuru Toga pencil
Image courtesy of Tokyo Pen Shop

Writing. Sketching. Drawing. All things that a pencil can do, but using the Kuru Toga mechanical pencil can take that experience to the next level. The Kuru Toga pencil continuously twists your lead as you write, so when you are writing, your lead is constantly sharp, making writing much easier and nicer. With the 0.5 mm lead, it allows for quick and concise writing as well.

2. Whiteboard marker: Expo marker fine
Image courtesy of Webstaraunt

There are whiteboards located in every signal commons in Jefferson and there are also whiteboards in every classroom too. Not only that, you can use some of the desks as whiteboards as well. Whiteboards are useful for quick practice and a reusable surface. Carrying a whiteboard marker can help you because you could instantly practice everywhere, or even draw anywhere. The whiteboard marker that’s the most useful is the Expo Marker, with a fine tip and rich ink. The Expo marker allows you to transform your studying experience.

1. 0.9 mm Mechanical Pencil: BIC Velocity pencil
Image courtesy of BIC

Having a pencil is the key thing that every Jefferson student should have. Using a 0.9 mm mechanical pencil can help make the experience faster and smoother. It can allow you to cover more space more efficiently, for example, by filling in Scantrons for your data structures or biology tests. Using the BIC Velocity pencil provides a nice grip, and because of the thicker lead than regular pencils, it is much stronger and not too brittle. It may be a simple pencil, but it can take test-taking and note taking to the next level.

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