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Why everyone should buy a yearbook

The yearbook is more than just pictures—it is a gateway into memories
Kimberly Cruz-Cruz
Holding the Techniques Vol. 39 ornament, yearbook editor Saadia Anwaryan looks at her progress this year. “I was really excited when I first saw it because last year we did not have such a thing. It’s really petite and cute, and I think it’s a nice way to demonstrate how far we’ve come,” Anwaryan said.

One book. One single book contains the memories of 2,030 students over the span of one year. Every single year, the Technique’s staff works on 288 pages within five printing cycles, and it takes a lot of dedication to produce the yearbook. However, this year, the yearbook has only sold 599 books, this shows that not many people are buying the book and less people see those memories. 

Everyone at Jefferson should buy a yearbook. Each year, the yearbook covers stories from the whole year, including everything from Homecoming celebrations to German Exchange students visiting. Each year, the Jefferson Technique staff puts more than hundreds of hours into interviewing, photographing, writing, designing, and editing the book. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to present everyone with a book packed with memories that people can look at as soon as they get it or even 20 years after they buy it. 

One factor that often discourages people from buying the yearbook is the cost. The yearbook costs $100 to buy, and buying one every single year may seem like a hassle and a waste of money. Even when you buy the book, it might not be the year of your graduating class you are a part of, so why buy a yearbook? After all, some may think that the yearbook only produces stories that are meant for seniors, with no underclassmen featured. Another factor is that you have the ability to capture moments on our phones, which is both free and easily stored on your phone. So, again, the question is asked: why buy a yearbook?

When you buy a yearbook, the cost itself is not just dedicated to purchasing one book. When you buy the yearbook, you purchase not only the yearbook itself but also the Threshold literary magazine and the Teknos scientific journal. Therefore, not only are you buying the yearbook packed with memories and events throughout the year, but also the scientific research and literary works of other Jefferson students. 

When you receive the yearbook towards the end of the year and open it, you will find students of every grade. This is because Technique’s staff consists of all grade levels, and works on including every student at Jefferson in the yearbook. Additionally, each year that you have a yearbook, you are able to look back on the memories made throughout the year and see how you have grown throughout the years at Jefferson. Also, when you buy a yearbook, you’re able to find friends and find ways to contact them in the future when you look back at the yearbook, as many people write contact information in the yearbooks, which is a nice way of reconnecting with high school friends.

In this digital era, you may not find it difficult to just quickly take a picture on your phone and have it saved there. However, the feeling of looking back on digital photos simply does not compare to flipping through yearbook pages and looking at the photos, where you, your friends, and family can look through professional photographs of your memories, which you may not have seen otherwise. Also, the Technique staff puts in a lot of work in order to have a yearbook that connects everyone’s stories and memories at Jefferson with a theme that creates this great viewing experience for not only now, but also in the future looking back a decade or two later.

Technique’s yearbook consists of a lot of work that is put in to make sure that every Jefferson student has their mark placed in Jefferson history. Buying the yearbook is a way to not only see your memories at Jefferson, but the memories as a whole class of colonials. To buy a yearbook, visit and use school area code 13621. 


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