School Board recognizes National Computer Science Week


The Fairfax County School board recognizes the annual National Computer Science Education Week during the week of Dec. 5-11 to interest students across FCPS in the field of computer science.

Anya Raval, Team Leader

The week of Dec. 5 is known as National Computer Science Education Week (CsEdWeek) across the nation. The purpose of this week is to encourage and teach students about the field of computer science and do a deeper dive into the basics. 

Schools throughout Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), ranging from grades K-12, participate in various activities related to the field of computer science. The main activity, however, is Hour of Code, an interactive one-hour lesson that teaches students a basic level understanding of computer science topics. 

This week helps inspire students about computer science but also gives students an opportunity to explore. Furthermore, CsEdWeek promotes equity and allows young students a chance to gain an interest in the field. 

CsEdWeek began in 2009 and was launched by the Association of Computing Machinery in conjunction with many large corporations. Now, it has become one of the largest educational campaigns. 

Throughout FCPS, the integration of the many principles of computer science has been underway throughout classrooms to encourage students to go above and beyond in preparation for potential future careers.