News Brief: Students take Strategic Plan Survey


The Strategic Plan Student Survey allows for greater student input in the development of FCPS’ Strategic Plan. “We’ll be setting our North Star for the next several years, so it’s important that we hear from all members of our community,” FCPS superintendent Dr. Reid said.

Laura Zhang, Team Leader

On Nov. 7, students took the Strategic Plan Student Survey during advisory. The survey is part of Fairfax County Public School’s (FCPS) Strategic Plan, which is a roadmap for the school division that is revised every five to seven years.

“We have boldly struck out on our own path, framed and focused by our decision to embark on a new strategic plan — one that is justice-centered, future-focused, and student outcome driven,” FCPS superintendent Dr. Reid said.

Across FCPS, 140,000 students had the option of taking the survey. The responses will help Reid develop a plan that reflects the priorities of students. Along with the survey, Reid is also meeting with students, principals and parents to discuss potential improvements to the Strategic Plan.

“My visits and conversations have provided me [with] inspiration and insight as we create a new student-centered Strategic Plan for 2023 and beyond,” Reid said. “As I’ve traveled across the division, I’ve kept [in mind] the two key questions that will drive our conversations: ‘How are the children?’ and ‘How is our household?’”