Minecraft pre-update 1.19: Warden overpowers


The Warden carefully uses its sculk sensors and its keen sense of smell to navigate and maneuver towards its enemy.

Abraham Agbota, Staff Writer

Minecraft, the popular sandbox game first released on Nov. 18, 2011, is making the game more enjoyable for its ever growing community by adding new updates and features. Introduced at a live event in Oct. 2021 and shown in a recent prerelease from Feb. 2022, the Warden will be a mob released in one of these new updates.

While set to release in the 1.19 Wild update, the players who enjoy a little more of a challenge have numerous reasons to be excited for this update. For one, the Warden guards chests of treasure and rare loot which makes users more powerful. This is one reason for some in the Minecraft community to be attracted to the Warden’s unbelievable strength because it provides a challenge to overcome and also ensures that not every player has overpowered loot.

Still, the Warden’s capabilities create too much commotion for the Minecraft community. First of all, the Warden comes with 84 health points, which is more than 90 percent of the mobs in Minecraft. In addition to that, it might be the strongest mob in Minecraft as only two blows can kill someone in full netherite armor, the strongest armor in Minecraft. With this unbelievable strength, it proves how the Warden isn’t a mob to kill, but a mob to be scared of as you enter its home in the dark biome.

Another issue that comes with this part of the update is how it increases speed from player inflicted damage. This means that the mob will get faster every time you hit it or inflict damage to it. Despite the Warden being the only blind mob, its hearing and smell allow it to navigate through paths and hunt down enemies. With that being said, the only way to maneuver past the mob would be to sneak left and with wool clothing.

To help with avoiding the Warden, Mojang, the company that made Minecraft, added a new enchantment called “Swift Sneak ”, which can allow the player to walk more quickly while sneaking. Unfortunately, this enchantment can only be found in ancient cities, giant creepy structures of deep dark caves. With these caves also having the Warden, there is a possibility that you run into the mob before you get the enchantment.

In conclusion, the Warden is a strong and overpowered mob. As seen above, it has more health than 90 percent of mobs, for instance, it has more hearts than the wither and ender dragon combined. The strength of the Warden also makes cave mining dangerous as you can be taken out in one hit and it is extremely hard to avoid, or overcome.