Japanese students visit for STEM education


Students observe a poster posted on the wall in the Lecture Hall.

Colorful posters and many smiles could be found throughout the Lecture Hall during eighth period yesterday as Japanese students from the Yokohama Frontier Science High School in Japan presented their research projects.

Yuko Inoue, whose project involved searching for mathematical patterns in Bach’s Concerto in D minor for Two Violins and Strings. She analyzed parts of the music, such as the number of notes per measure in both the solo violin and other strings parts. Her results were presented in line and scatter graphs to show trends in the data.

“It was great to come here because it’s fun to present to a new group of students outside of my high school,” Inoue said.

Other presentations included topics such as the water quality of the Tsurumi River, light pollution and research on the Magnus effect.

“I found the presentations to be very informative and well-detailed,” freshman Omar Saracevic said.