Keyettes Club hosts Valentine’s Day Match-up


Michael Auerbach

“Our club isn’t super big, so we kind of have an all-hands-on-deck approach to the matchup… One of my favorite parts is creating the questions [for the form.] Every year we change our questions, so everyone’s just throwing out ideas. And then we all work together on putting together the matches and then sending them out to everyone who fills out the form,” said Pudleiner.

Ketevan Gallagher, Staff Writer

On February 14th, the Keyettes club will be holding its third annual Valentine’s Day match-up. To attend, students fill out a short survey about themselves and then are matched with another Jefferson student. The event is a great opportunity to find a relationship or make new friends, and it will take place in room 86 during JLC.

The idea for the match-up began three years ago, and it started when Keyettes club members were brainstorming projects and events. 

“I remember one day, we were in Keyettes, trying to think of fun projects we could do, and we’re thinking about, what do TJ kids need help with and one of the things we thought about was, you know, TJ kids aren’t the best at relationships. They can be a little awkward, they don’t know who to ask out, how to do it… so we were like, what if we made a service where we could help match TJ kids up with each other?” senior and Keyettes club officer Kailyn Pudleiner said.

Although the idea started almost as a joke, even in its first year over 200 students filled out the question form.

“The first year we did it, we got over 200 responses, so we were able to match up people and after that it’s really evolved… it’s expanded from just dating to finding new friends, meeting new people, and it’s just something fun to participate in… it’s really great to see it’s evolved into another week for TJ kids to let loose and just have a little bit of fun,” Pudleiner said.

Whether you’re looking for a relationship or just want to get to know more people, this event is a great way for Jefferson students to relax and have fun. 

“It’d be great for students to meet new people, that’s the main purpose. There are tons of people at TJ, all over the county, so I hope students are able to… just reach out and say hi, just make today a little more connected, a little more friendly,” Pudleiner said.