Jefferson’s class of 2025 admissions data and process.

A last word

November 8, 2021

There is no doubt that Jefferson’s newest incoming class has been the target of countless contentions, criticisms, controversies. But we must remember that this class is the future of Jefferson – that we, too, were once wide-eyed freshmen, awed by Jefferson’s ornate laboratories and its nationally acclaimed clubs and teams. We were once left scrambling for solutions amidst a barrage of biology tests, RS1 assignments, and English projects.

Our role is to give them support and guidance through their first year. It’s time to abandon the flawed conversation of “lottery kids” and unprepared students, and help our newest class find their place at our school, just as upperclassmen did before us.

And to the Class of 2025: We hope that you find a home in Jefferson, just as we did.

Speculative headlines clouded our views of how the new class was going to fit into Jefferson and what role the new admissions process would play in their performance at this school. (Anuj Khemka, Sean Nguyen, Annika Duneja, The Washington Post)

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