Golf team finishes behind Robinson, Lake Braddock, and Fairfax in regional match



Jefferson golfer and junior Allen Huo puts the ball in a win against Annandale High School on Aug. 30. The final score was 147-182.

Willie Henry, Staff Writer

Jefferson’s golf team competed at the Regional golf match after placing second in the District match on Oct. 5, at Twin Lakes Golf Course. 

Junior team captain Nathan Cheng thought Jefferson should have won the District game. 

“We should have gotten first,” Cheng said. “I shot 73 day one, and then I shot 86 day two, so if I played better, we probably would have won.”

With a 7-1 regular season record and with scoring second place in districts, the Colonial golf team had high expectations for the Regional game. 

“We also knew that Robinson, Lake Braddock, and Fairfax had really good teams,” Coach John Myers said. “And they did show that, so we ended up finishing behind them. I think we were disappointed we didn’t do better, but we did as good as we were capable on that day.”

Freshman Marina Lin thought she could have improved her putting game. 

“I started out well, but wasn’t able to maintain it,” Lin said. “But I guess that’s just how golf is. It’s hard to focus on the good shots and do well for all 18 holes. I thought my putting was my weakest point that day. I’m going to keep working on it, and hopefully it gets better.”

Freshman Shrey Sharma thought the team could have maintained more of a conservative strategy in the Regional match. 

“We shouldn’t be going for the most aggressive path to the hole,” Sharma said.

Despite the team being disappointed that they didn’t do better, Myers is optimistic about the team’s future. 

“[We have] a whole bunch of younger players that seem to have the motivation and want to continue the success that we’ve had with Jefferson golf in the past,” Myers said.