NAHS holds interest meeting


This coloring page of a fruit cake is one of multiple coloring pages that Jefferon’s art honor society created last year. Due to the pandemic, the NAHS wasn’t able to continue their main project with Weyanoke Elementary School, so they created an art enrichment website. “Rather than visiting Weyanoke alone, we instead had a website and provided video tutorials and coloring pages for the students,” senior Kat Kosolapova said.

Keertana Senthilkumar, Staff Writer

National Art Honor Society (NAHS) held an interest meeting at 8th period A block on Friday, Oct. 1. Students who have taken an art course at Jefferson qualify to become a member of art honor society.

“NAHS is for people who have either taken art in the past or enrolled in art this year, that’s how you can become a member. But you can still get involved with art and NAHS projects if you are not a current art student, and really, we’re trying to encourage [Jefferson] kids to pursue art,” and senior Kat Kosolapova, NAHS co-president, said. 

“[Interest meetings] are also something that we want to get done by November because a lot of our projects are going to start,” Kosolapova said.

With this in-person school year, NAHS is beginning new projects.

 “[The Memory Project] is an organization that works with orphanages from around the world,”  art teacher and NAHS sponsor Ms. Jayne Matricardi said. “They send us photos of students who are either disadvantaged or orphans and we make portraits of the children.”

The Memory Project serves children around the world through artwork. 

“The whole idea with that project is that the orphanage that the project works with changes each year based on whichever countries in most need. [The kids] get to capture a memory of themselves, which we get to create for them,” NAHS outreach coordinator and junior Ridhi Pendyala said. 

Another exciting change is the renewed interest in art courses this year.

“We have a lot more interest in NAHS this year because there are a lot more people taking art. There’s 120 [students] when usually there would be less than half of that number,” co-president and senior Masha Molchanova said.

With the increase in art students at Jefferson, the NAHS expects more members and involvement in their programs.

“In the past, [NAHS] only had 10 to 15 people. I’m fully expecting that we’re going to have a much bigger, much more robust, much more involved art Honor Society this year, because we have more students,” Ms. Matricardi said.