News Brief: Jefferson cheer team performs at rescheduled spirit bash


Asha Das

Jefferson’s cheer team showcased their routine at the Red, White and Blue Spirit Bash at Alexandria City High School. “We made a lot of last minute changes which made it extra stressful to do, but I think we didn’t do bad and tried our best,” freshman Hasvika Challa said.

Ivadette Haziri, Staff Writer

The Jefferson cheer team performed at the rescheduled spirit bash alongside Alexandria City High School and Justice High School on Oct. 9.

After being postponed due to a lockdown at Alexandria City High School (ACHS), the cheer spirit bash finally took place at ACHS starting at 10 a.m. The cheer team executed their routine, which started off with pom poms, signs, and cheering, along with some simple stunts. After that, the cheer team performed a part that was set to music, which involved tumbling, more complicated stunts, and a dance portion. The whole routine was about 3-4 minutes long.

“The bash went pretty well,” freshman cheerleader Asha Das said. “It wasn’t a competition, so there weren’t any winners, but it was a good experience for us to get used to performing in front of people.”

The bash served as the cheer season kick-off, and their next competition is the National District Cheer Semifinals at Hayfield Secondary School on Oct. 12 at 6:30 p.m.

“Everyone there was super nice and we were all cheering each other on,” ninth grade cheerleader Hasvika Challa said. “The showcase was to increase spirit and hype for the upcoming competitions.”