5 relaxing activities for AP exam and final season


Aarya Kumar

A woman meditates outside with the sounds of nature. Meditation improves focus and allows the mind to escape anxiety and stress from the day.

Aarya Kumar, Staff Writer

5) Swimming – Due to being only a warm weather activity, swimming is fifth on my list. Diving into the water, or simply using a sprinkler can serve as a way of cooling yourself in the warm weather and help you relax as the cold water refreshes your body.

4) Volunteer – The time commitment involved with helping the community puts volunteering at fourth on this list. It is a great way to relieve stress by seeing other people happy or knowing that you’re helping the community. From chipping in at food banks to participating in a community cleanup, there’s always a way to help yourself and the community out at the same time.

3) Drawing – While some people find it helpful to jot their thoughts down on paper, doodling here and there can take your mind off exams in a short period of time. By moving away from the computer screen and instead using paper, our eyes can take a break along with letting our brain drift into space as we draw whatever comes to mind.

2) Dancing – Exercise is proven to stimulate endorphins and distract you from the worries of the day. Why not make exercise independent and fun? Dance poses a great way to stay active and reduce the risk of disease while having fun. No equipment is necessary and the activity is flexible in that you can do it with or without friends and indoors or outdoors.

1) Meditation – One of the most commonly used methods, meditation remains arguably the most effective way to relieve stress in a short amount of time. With no equipment like dancing, the ability to calm your mind and create a blank slate for the day allows you to retain information and improve your memory while staying stress-free. Essentially, this practice helps you for your test while also taking your mind off the test at the same time.