MEX choreographers hold virtual practices


Forrest Meng

Students in the Class of 2020 dance in the 2019 Musical Extravaganza (MEX). Groups of 25 students in each class will perform at the pep rallies this year. “As [one of the] choreographers [I] find it important that we are there for our class and prepared to bring us all together,” freshman Ananya Enganti said.

Karolin Kleiber, Staff Writer

Student-lead dance groups are virtually preparing for the Musical Extravaganza (MEX) at homecoming pep rallies on April 17. The performance will be held outside on the football field during two pep rallies to align with social distancing guidelines.

“Our goal is to make sure that everyone has fun with MEX, and trying our best. Especially since homecoming was rushed this year; a lot of our practices are more flexible [since they are virtual],” senior Matthew Hwang, a class of 2021 MEX choreographer, said.

Many events have been virtual this school year, so junior Kyra Li was pleasantly surprised to have an in-person MEX, even in April. 

I finally feel connected to my TJ family. MEX brings us all together outside of academics.

— Ananya Enganti

“I wasn’t expecting us to have a homecoming this year, with the pandemic going on. I’m kinda excited because MEX is always something I look forward to,” Li said.

This year’s MEX schedule changed due to coronavirus guidelines. 

“We were given a bit less time to prepare. Things were a bit rushed, but we pulled everything together. We’ll hopefully have everything polished by Saturday,” Li said.

Since Advanced Placement (AP) tests are approaching, sign-ups were hard to fill.

“Sign-ups [used to be] full in an hour or two after they were posted, but this year we really had to hunt people down because it’s right before AP [exams],” Li said.

Virtual practices have changed how choreographers are scheduling practices.

“In previous years we would have practices during lunch, because everyone was at school. Because of hybrid learning and A/B lunches, we have to make use of our spring break,” Li said.

Ananya Enganti and other freshmen choreographed the class of 2024’s MEX.

“I finally feel connected to my TJ family. MEX brings us all together outside of academics. It’s amazing,” Enganti said.

It’s her first MEX performance, and Enganti is focusing on moving choreography learned virtually to the Jefferson field.

“Initially, planning MEX was hectic,” Enganti said. “We planned for an in person rehearsal, and private messaged [anyone] whenever they need[ed help]. By communicating effectively, we are prepared to bring us all together.”