2023 Class Council hosts Family Feud game


For the final match of Jefferson Feud, the class council live streamed the round through Facebook. Many students cheered on their favorite team and discussed the players’ answers through the comments. “I’m glad that everyone could watch the game with us,” freshman Annika Holder said.

Laura Zhang, Staff Writer

From Feb. 13 to Feb. 22, students participated in Jefferson Feud, a group game event hosted by the 2023 Class Council. Because most of the games took place on school days, the Class Council hosted games after school from 5 to 8 p.m over Google Meet.

The event was the virtual version of Family Feud, a popular game show where families compete against each other by guessing the most popular responses to survey questions. Many students are familiar with Family Feud and participated in the event because of their positive experience from watching the show.

“My family has always loved Family Feud, so I decided to sign up because I would meet new people, and it just seemed like an overall really fun event,” freshman Annika Holder said.

The game also appealed to the 2023 Class Council because it uses the opinions of Jefferson students, which makes it particularly exciting.

“We thought that a Family Feud event would be a good idea because it would test people’s knowledge of TJ trivia,” sophomore and treasurer Grace Guan said.

In order to receive the survey responses for the event, the 2023 Class Council asked students to fill out a survey.

“The [survey] questions were tailored to the TJ experience, and a lot of them were related to fun things about TJ students,” Guan said.

However, because the games featured questions about attending Jefferson, freshman players, who have never attended the school in-person before, were at a disadvantage.

“I had no idea what some of the answers were, since as a freshman, it was difficult to answer questions that were meant for upperclassmen and people who had already been to TJ,” Holder said.

Other answers were difficult to guess correctly because they didn’t seem to be obvious responses by Jefferson students.

“Some of the answers were surprising, and a lot of them were really funny because TJ kids are very funny,” Guan said.

Despite struggling with some questions, Holder’s primarily freshman team was able to secure victory in Jefferson Feud.

“I’m really surprised that we won, because we lost the first two rounds, but we came back,” Holder said.

Although Holder is happy that she won the event, the highlight of Jefferson Feud for her was the interaction with the game hosts and other players.

“I really enjoyed Jefferson Feud because the hosts were really fun,” Holder said. “Everybody playing was really relaxed, and it was just an overall great experience because it was a friendly competition and not too cutthroat.”