Jefferson Film Society holds first eighth period meeting


Thanisha Chowdhury, Staff Writer

The Jefferson Film Society held their first meeting as an official club on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

Officers Max Vetter and Anuj Khemka first advertised the club on Facebook, and it quickly gained momentum as more students joined to participate in the weekly meetings.

“I found out about the club back in October,” junior Ignacio Toro said. “Back then, [the founders] were still trying to get the official club set up. I enjoy watching movies and talking about them, so when I saw a Facebook post about it, it caught my attention.”

Students would watch the announced movies on their own time, and then go to the Saturday night meetings to discuss their thoughts.

“Since it was my first time doing something like this, I was afraid I wouldn’t be as good [as others] at the analysis part,” junior Gabriel Witkop said. “It went well, and I had a lot of fun. It’s a pretty level playing field, and everybody has their own unique perspective.”

While the club has been relatively successful since its unofficial debut, the members were excited for its official beginning as an eighth period activity, sponsored by English teacher Vincent Pollet.

“Now that we’re going to be having meetings on Wednesdays, we’ll be able to have more discussions about how movies are made, or the time during which they were made,” Toro said.