5 outdoor activities to do in the upcoming spring

Aarya Kumar, Staff Writer

As winter comes to a close, it’s time that students get back into the habit of going outside and being in nature. Here are five activities to stay fit, have fun, and be safe during this pandemic.

5) Boating

The open water and calm, relaxing aspect of this activity marks the fifth rank on my list. Boating is number five as a vacation type activity. With the pandemic hitting most of the world, many of us have been unable to leave our homes. However, the water is perfect for you when you are looking for a nature-related activity while staying inside of your comfort zone. The only precaution you need to take with this activity is maintaining social distancing within the boat.

4) Roller skating/blading

While this may be an ‘80s activity, roller skating/blading is still a great way to stay fit and have fun. It is number four on our list because of the unorthodox fun factor. Roller skating gives you the casual aspect of ice skating without going to a rink and roller blading allows you to exercise as it requires extreme balance and body control. Also, this activity is relatively safe during the pandemic as you can move throughout your neighborhood without risk of the virus. 

3) Biking

The feeling of the breeze blowing past you and the open road in front of you puts this activity at number three on my list. As a socially distant activity, it is safe to go on group rides. Jefferson students can also enjoy this activity with the newly started cycling club. From an exercise standpoint, biking offers a great way to burn calories and receive Vitamin C. This activity builds quad strength and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

2) Canoeing

When the cold and snowfall is long gone, canoeing presents a perfect way to exercise while experiencing the open water and serenity of boating. This activity is perfect in the evening time as watching the sunset while experiencing the natural wonders along the waterbody sounds like a blast. Although this activity is not as treacherous as kayaking, there is still a lot of arm strength and balance required to keep the canoe upright.

1) Hiking

My number one activity on this list is a combination of the fun factor, the necessary precautions, and the exercise aspect of the previous activities. Hiking is a great exercise in groups as social distancing can be practiced easily along a trail. This allows for both a safe environment and more fun with a larger number of people. Additionally, by pushing to continue uphill, you’ll burn a lot of calories and experience an amazing view at the end of the trail.