Va. Gov. Ralph Northam announces plan to extend school to the summer


Photo courtesy of Dean Hoffmeyer/Times Dispatch

Governor Northam announced that he is working with educators to extend the school year into the summer on Feb. 4.

Chris Yoo, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam stated in an interview with the Washington Post that he wants classrooms open during the summer. This seems to have been a follow up to his statements in Jan. about possibly implementing year-round schooling. How long he plans to extend education in the summer is not known, but Northam said that he is working with “teachers, school boards, and superintendents” to put the plan into action. 

In a press conference on the 5th, he further emphasized the possibility of summer schooling. In addition, Northam announced that he wanted all schools in the state to offer some form of in-person instruction by March 15. Although he hinted at wanting in-person instruction for the summer, Northam did not specify any details for a potential return to school during the summer.

It is unknown whether the plan will garner enough bipartisan support in the Virginia Senate to be put into action. When asked about why this was a top priority, he stated the following:

To allow our children to catch up so that everybody will be ready in the fall…” Northam said. “Our parents need a break, too. We’ve asked a lot for the past year from our children and their families, and now it’s time for us to help them out. [Giving] them some extra time this summer to get them prepared will be in everybody’s best interest.”