IBET students make final trip to Mason Neck


Girls from biology teacher Thomas Larson’s IBET pose at Mason Neck State Park.

Freshmen Irene Song looks down at the tree bark in her hands and checks both sides for any signs of tree rubbings.

On Dec. 19, biology teacher Thomas Larson’s IBET took their last field trip to Mason Neck State Park. Over a span of two months, these students have gone to Mason Neck a total of five times to count trees, leaves and deer pellets. They will then incorporate the data collected into their final IBET projects.

“Mason Neck trips have made me feel very connected to nature,” freshmen Isabella Jimenez said. “I’ve learned more about the deer I am researching and am excited to put my data to use.”

The students will be presenting their findings and final projects at the end of the year during the tjSTAR symposium.