TJTV News, Episode 120: Jan. 12, 2021


Sean Nguyen, Broadcast

With the first semester coming to a close, SGA wants to make the transition to the second semester as smooth as possible. If you would like to give your input, come to today’s Open Forum with Dr. Bonitatibus during lunch to discuss what went well, what didn’t, and any lingering questions about the return to in-person learning! The meeting link is on Ion and TJ SGA’s Facebook.

Think you know about your teachers and their lives behind the computer screen? Test your knowledge during Teacher Trivia on Wednesday, January 13th during lunch! Students will compete in a game of Kahoot filled with fun facts about math teachers like Ms. Razzino, Ms. Schmitt, and Mr. Lightener who will also be in attendance! The winners will receive Amazon gift cards. The link to attend can be found on the TJ SGA Facebook page.

For everyone who has been asking, Small Groups are back! The Small Groups program is a great way to stay connected with fellow students during distance-learning where you will be assigned to a group of other students to talk, relax, and play games with! Check out the SGA Facebook page for additional information and the signup form!

SGA is working on homeroom lessons that will cover the topic of race issues and colonialism, and we would love for your contributions! We are looking for four panelists who would like to talk about their personal experiences of confronting racial prejudice, and another four panelists to talk about the intersectionality of the minority and Asian American experience. For more details, check out the SGA Facebook page!