Optics provides optical option


Junior Joohwan Kim uses a spectrum photometer.

A casual observer to Jefferson’s halls never can be quite sure what they might encounter. Shakespeare recitations in the HUM corridor, Slinkies in the physics hall, maybe body parts in formaldehyde.

What makes the school so different, in part, is the existence of its unique courses.

Optical Systems, commonly known as Optics, is one of these courses. Taught by Adam Smith, it is recommended to those who are interested in physics. Optics deals a lot with different light labs, which are experiments where wavelengths and the light spectrum are analyzed. The light labs help prove the laws behind theories of physics.

Junior Joohwan Kim was caught in the hallway on Dec. 14 during seventh period eying a digital message board through a rectangular black device.

“This is a spectrum photometer. I’m using it to measure the wavelengths of the fluorescent light on this message board,” Kim said. Kim is currently taking Optics and works with light labs regularly in class.

“I like the freedom of pace to accomplish each of the labs and being able to analyze the different aspects of the lab independently, I would definitely recommend this class to any student slightly interested.”