Renaissance Faire makes history lessons real


Junior Riley Back and senior Kirsten Cardinal present the Jeopardy game at the Renaissance Faire club meeting.

A group of students lounge around on desks, snacking on Air Heads while Renaissance music plays in the background.  Their attention is riveted on a Jeopardy game, trying to be first to answer questions on their target time period.  Afterward, they segue into games like Balderdash.

On Dec. 12, the Renaissance Faire club held a special event, celebrating the time period from the 14th to the 17th century, a topic sophomores learn about in World History class.

Currently, the Renaissance Club hosts this special annually, along with a co-curricular annual Spring Faire, a short eighth period special in which each member of the club dresses up as a person from a different social group from the Renaissance, such as bakers and gypsies. Bakers offer food to visitors, while gypsies use tarot cards to predict fortunes.

Members have always wanted to organize a weekend-long extracurricular fair for middle school students in the spring that would teach them about the Renaissance, but have never managed to get enough volunteers.  This year, the co-presidents are considering planning the fair to take place in the spring.

“If we do it this year, we might offer NHS hours to volunteers,” said senior Aayushi Agarwal.  “That way we’ll have more people.”