Jefferson students find new ways to celebrate Thanksgiving in quarantine


Photo courtesy of Julia Feldhaus

From left to right, seniors Zia Sun, Sahana Ramesh, Julia Kao-Sowa, Julia Feldhaus, and Anoushka Sarkar celebrate “Friendsgiving” as well as Kao-Sowa’s 18th birthday on Friday, Nov. 27.

Viduttama Gaur, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with COVID-19 still in the air, many students at Jefferson are stuck spending the holiday at home this year. With this new development in mind, many students will have to change their previous plans for Thanksgiving to avoid the risk of getting COVID-19.
“I’m planning to spam play this new video game called Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity that’s coming out on Friday with my brother the entire Thanksgiving break,” freshman Harika Akundi said.
Even before quarantine, Akundi would have still planned on playing video games, but with her friends instead of family.
“Me and my friends would go over to each other’s houses, play video games, and play outside,” Akundi said.
One thing Akundi is looking forward to this Thanksgiving break is going outside more often and not having to do any homework over the break. Senior Julia Kao-Sowa is also planning to stay home this holiday season.
“Me and my family are just going to make some sort of meal together because both of my brothers are home from college,” Kao-Sowa said. “But if it weren’t for quarantine, we would probably go to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving.”
Freshman Pishoy Elias is looking forward to taking a break from online school and staying away from his laptop for a bit this Thanksgiving break.
“My grandma and I just put a flan in the oven,” Elias said when asked what he would be doing for Thanksgiving.
Elias is also looking forward to starting to prepare for Christmas.
“We’ve already started to look for the ornaments in the back of the closet,” Elias said.