Go beyond light in Destiny 2’s newest expansion

With new exotics, locations, and stories, Beyond Light is the biggest update in Destiny’s history


Photo courtesy of Destiny Tracker

A lone guardian sits on Europa, the newest planet to be added into Destiny 2.

Ethan King, Staff Writer

Beyond Light, a game changing update in Destiny 2, brings changes to leveling, armor, weapons, and even locations.

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer “Looter-Shooter” where players become guardians who protect the solar system from enemies that want to destroy humanity.

Let’s start off with the biggest changes. Mars, Mercury, Io, and Titan have all been destroyed. This means that all strikes, PvP maps, patrol zones, story missions, and exotic quests that feature these planets are no longer available. For many players, myself included, this was a hard pill to swallow because those locations were fun to play in. However, I believe that as long as we continue to get new content, the removal is justified.

The new ice moon, Europa, is the largest planet in Destiny and features new story missions. I may be biased as I love all things ice and snow, but I really enjoy the artistic design of the frozen wasteland coupled with the preserved underground cities. 

The new campaign follows us and our allies on Europa as we try to defeat a villain who wields stasis energy. My experience with the storyline so far has been enjoyable and it brings a bit more of a challenge than previous missions.

We too can use Stasis Energy, an ice based attack style. I find this move set interesting as it uses the dark energy, which until now has been considered taboo. This is an important step in the story’s progression because the characters are starting to realize that everything is not black and white. I also think that the ice themed attacks pair well with the new ice moon. 

The update is quite expensive at $40 for the standard edition and $70 for the deluxe, but it is free for all Xbox Gamepass holders.

Despite its price, I would definitely recommend purchasing this update for all the new missions and content that can be enjoyed with your friends. It brings a fun challenge and there is so much to find in Europa’s beautiful ice.