Annual FBLA MarketPlace combines business acumen with good eats

Students dish out ice cream to students during FBLA Marketplace.

The excitement in the cafeteria could be seen as 250 students wandered from booth to booth of the FBLA Marketplace. Each stall sold something different such as root beer floats, braided bracelets or pancakes made fresh from a skillet.

Each vendor team had presented a business plan to the club officers listing their anticipated expenses and projected price point for their items. The goal was to turn enough profit to both reimburse themselves for their expenses and donate a minimum amount to the chapter.

Future Business Leaders of America is an eight period group that meets Wednesday A blocks to discuss business and marketing techniques. The Jefferson chapter is one of thousands across the United States with a mission to support their community, school and fellow students.

According to senior Hannah Rudin, salesperson at the friendship bracelet and ice cream sundae stall, “We hope to make a profit of at least $50 after subtracting all expenses.”

Customers of the MarketPlace were given the chance to enjoy foods from across the world, such as Chinese stir-fry, tacos with guacamole and French fries.

“I think the marketplace is really fun, with a lot of different foods,” said freshman Victoria Yang. “A lot of different people are creative in the ways they try to make money.”