End of first quarter extended to Nov. 2


Minjoo Song

With the extension of the quarter, students have an opportunity to catch up on late work from earlier in the year.

Minjoo Song, In-depth Editor

Fairfax County School Board announced on Oct. 28 that the end of the first quarter would be extended to Monday, Nov. 2, giving students until 5:00 pm to submit late work and assignments for the quarter. 

This extension comes in light of concerns from students and parents about the stress and unfamiliar situation students are under that may have prevented them from completing assignments on time. In addition, it also allows seniors who may have college deadlines over the weekend extra time to complete school work.

“I’ve heard from many [parents and] students about workload and ongoing stress associated virtual learning,” superintendent Scott Brabrand said. “I want you to know that I hear you and I am working hard to find solutions.”

Along with this extension, Brabrand is working with teachers and administrators in order to implement “catch-up days,” which are school days designated for providing class time for students to make up assignments.

“I know that after a full day online, we cannot ask students to complete an additional 2-3 hours of assignments,” Brabrand said. “We will continue to work together as a community to adapt and develop the best ways to educate our children in this new world we’re all in together.”