Jefferson welcomes new Assistant Principal, Ms. Laura Fitzgerald


Image by Aafreen Ali

Jefferson’s newest administrator, Ms. Laura Fitzgerald, will direct the Class of 2023 and other departments.

Rhea Goswami, Staff Writer

The Jefferson family has a new member: Ms. Laura Fitzgerald, the new Assistant Principal. Fitzgerald is now administrator for the Class of 2023, Health and Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts, World Language.

Fitzgerald is a New York native who attended Long Island School of Arts, a high school specializing in the performing and visual arts. So, when she heard about the specialization of science and technology at TJHSST, she felt a sense of nostalgia and reflected on her own high school experience. 

“As a student going to the performing arts high school, that was the first time I was really able to build those relationships with teachers,” Fitzgerald said. “Instead of the mentality of ‘I’m the teacher, you’re the student’, I was actually able to collaborate with my teachers and get exposure that I previously have not gotten. So, TJ students are really fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to study here.” 

After high school, she attended Montclair State University for a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Exercise Science and Dance and later graduated from the College of New Jersey with a Masters of Education. Following college, Fitzgerald worked in New York City and abroad in Spain, West Africa, and China. 

“Working internationally with the families of diplomats or C-suite, allowed me to meet many motivated and driven families. This attitude then also permeates down to their children,” Fitzgerald said. “Working with motivated kids is very rewarding as an educator; that’s what attracted me to TJ.”

Outside of school, Fitzgerald enjoys thoroughly employing her passport to visit cities across the world and learn more about them. When she is not traveling, she enjoys visiting modern art museums, yoga, reading and dancing. These activities help her stay grounded in the world when everything is changing so rapidly.  

Although this school year is different compared to previous school years, Fitzgerald is eager to meet the students and aims to connect with students and staff. 

“The book distribution was my first opportunity to meet students and families face to face. My intention is to try to do lunch meetings and then meet and greet events here and there,” Fitzgerald said. 

Fitzgerald is enthusiastic to be at the forefront of the science and technology revolution and meet Jefferson students who will be future leaders one day.

“Science and technology is changing the world and revolutionizing all aspects of life. To be with students who are future leaders and have a direct focus and interest in science and technology is just really exciting,” Fitzgerald said.