TJ Runway plans spring fashion show


TJ Runway members study pictures of junior Soumya Mishra from last year’s fashion show.

The TJ Runway club is currently preparing for its upcoming spring fashion show, a popular event among students.  Runway club engages in regular activities such as design work, catwalks and fashion blogging.  However, some students may not know this club actually offers more than it appears to.

TJ Runway has had a tradition of coordinating dress designs with themes. These themes can range from the annual One Question, to the science and technology ideals that TJ upholds. This year’s theme is technology, and student designers are to incorporate it into their designs in their own creative ways.

“We also host fashion ethics debates regularly,” said club officer Shweta Kumar. These ethics debates deliberate the highly controversial areas of animal cruelty and domestic abuse when it comes to manufacturing clothing articles with fur.

The club welcomes students who are interested in pursuing design work or those who simply want to try something new during eighth period. They are planning on holding their spring fashion show sometime in early June.