Maze hacks Fairfax County Public Schools


Image courtesy of CYFIRMA

Maze ransomware commonly steals and publishes data to force businesses to pay ransom.

Stuti Gupta, Editor-in-Chief

Maze hackers have confirmedly stole personal information from the Fairfax County Public School’s (FCPS) database for ransom on Tuesday, Sep. 11. To prove that they have done so, they released 2% of the information online. It is currently unknown how much information was stolen. Cyber security expert Bret Callow, however, tells NBC Washington that staff should be more worried than parents. FCPS staff have not yet been notified because the situation is still under investigation. 

“Those amounts can vary anywhere between a few thousand all the way up to $42 million, is the highest amount I’m aware of,” Callow said in an interview with NBC Washington. 

With increased virtual usage there are a greater number of entry points for hackers to infiltrate the system. 

“FCPS is the 206th public sector entity in the US to be impacted by ransomware so far in 2020 and the 53rd school district,” Callow said to Infosecurity Magazine