Club holds effort to write letters for Write-A-Thon


Junior Stacey Chobany and freshman Cheryl Mensah write letters during the Write-A-Thon.

Students sat hunched over their desks, smiling and laughing with friends while listening to the upbeat music playing in the background. Despite the relaxed mood, the work at hand was crucial. On Dec. 7 during eighth period, students gathered to write letters for the annual AmnestyInternational Write-A-Thon.

The letters that were written will be sent to governments all over the world, urging them to free prisoners and take action on vital issues.

“I think it is so interesting how people like us can make a difference even though the prisoners are often oceans apart,” said senior Avanti Shirke, president of the Jefferson Amnesty International organization.

The attendees received a case sheet detailing the problem they should focus on in their letter. They were asked to write letters to the government listed, supporting the release of prisoners and improvement of living conditions.

By the time the Write-A-Thon ended, Shirke had over 60 letters in hand. She will be mailing the letters later this week to draw government attention to the concerns of the public.