TJTV Podcast Network Introduction

TJTV News, the broadcast section of tjTODAY, is beginning a brand new podcast network! Our network will be made up of a number of smaller podcasts — each one exploring a unique slice of culture and life as a student at TJ. Starting Wednesday, June 24th,  tune in for the first episode of our very own, TJ-specific, Advice Q&A podcast… Dear Colonial! The first episode answers all the questions and quandaries of the incoming freshmen class, hosted by recent alum Ashley Huang and rising senior Tiffany Ji! Next, on Wednesday, July 8th, ready your forks and knives, because we’ll be delving into the Jefferson Chefs Facebook Page that has sprung up during quarantine and gained a massive following of over 1000 members. Hosted by freshman Sahishnu Hanumansetty, the Delectable Dishes of TJ Podcast will give you a taste of the wide variety of culinary pursuits our Colonials engage in.

Stay tuned for podcast episodes every other Wednesday. Be sure to follow the tjTODAY instagram page @tjhsst_media, and subscribe to our youtube channel, called TJ Today. We look forward to sharing our podcasts with you!