Seniors experience a cap and gown mix up


Kathy Li.

Many Jefferson seniors received another senior’s cap and gown, causing confusion about how the situation should be dealt with.

Grace Ko, Staff Writer

A recent post in the Jefferson Class of 2020 Facebook group stated that many of the caps and gowns sent out to the seniors were sent to the wrong person due to a processing error by the order fulfillment system. Seniors have been instructed to check the sticker inside once they have received the package in order to determine whether or not it is theirs. 

Jefferson’s administration has instructed the seniors to keep the gown unless there is a major discrepancy in height or size. Anyone with a discrepancy in height or size can contact the administration and they will receive a new gown free of charge.

“Administration is telling us to just keep the gowns we have unless there is a huge disparity in the gown size and the owner’s height. Given the situation they probably feel that it’s inadvisable to switch the gowns out, “ senior Sid Ram said.

Receiving the caps and gowns was an important moment for many seniors and not being able to receive their own cap and gown was not ideal. However, the switch up did not diminish the sense of accomplishment for the seniors.

 “I was a bit upset that I wouldn’t get my own gown. There’s something about having something that is your very own, “ Ram said, “But I understand that mistakes happen and that the gowns were sent out to recognize the senior class’ hard work. The name on the plastic wrap does not invalidate that hard work.”

Although a confusing situation, some seniors have found the situation to be a final good laugh in their final year amongst the COVID-19 situation. 

“I thought the switch up was really funny. It felt like the cherry on top of this crazy, tumultuous senior year for the class of 2020. After COVID-19 cancelled our coveted second semester senior title, the graduation gown mix-ups gave us a good final laugh,” senior Kathy Li said.