How You Can Keep Fit During Corona Break


Ashley Huang and Sean Nguyen

If you go to TJ and don’t do a sport, you might not be getting the right amount of exercise each day. This problem may be especially exacerbated during the corona break.

“TJ kids are a like-minded brand, and when you isolate kids that are always around each other and have similar conversations with each other… and you take out a good routine, I think that’s challenging for everybody,” TJ athletic trainer Heather Murphy said.

Murphy also runs @tjcolonials1 on Instagram, where she normally posts announcements, awards, and photos of the TJ sports teams throughout the seasons.

“It’s really hard using the Instagram account when there are no sports to promote,” Murphy said. “So, now that gyms are closed…kids might not have the background of knowing what exercises to do.”

Murphy has been posting workouts specifically geared towards colonials during the corona break at @tjcolonials1 on Instagram. We decided to try a workout for a day.