Coronavirus cancellation: better safe than sorry


The tweet from FCPS that schools would be closed through April 10

Christina Lu, Staff Writer

Anxiously, we anticipated Dr. Bonitatibus’ announcement on Thursday. Disappointed, we learned that school would remain open the following day. Hopeful, we reloaded Twitter for an update again and again after school. But Friday afternoon’s announcement – closing schools through April 10 – was unexpected, and it brought along a whirlwind of emotions.

No one wants to sit in hour-long lectures or finish massive loads of homework. But we didn’t realize what a cancellation really meant. Over half of our spring season, tournaments we’d spent hours preparing for, time to work on our research projects – all ripped away from us. Because now we’re stuck at home, until further notice. However, in the midst of these several weeks full of boredom, a little sadness, and even some anger at the administration for taking so much from us, we have to know that this decision was necessary to protect the community.

If anyone in the school was infected with coronavirus (COVID-19), it would spread like wildfire to the student body and staff. Especially at Jefferson, where students not only come from all over Northern Virginia but also have a history of attending school even when they’re sick.

And sure, we’re young and healthy. We might not even experience symptoms if we get coronavirus. But think about your 90-year-old grandparents, your diabetic friend, your uncle with heart disease. For them, coronavirus could be deadly.

The coronavirus pandemic has reached this area. It needs to be taken seriously, and by closing schools, Fairfax County is doing just that.