Language holiday party teaches students about foreign cultures


Juniors Nikhil Garg and Brad Rosenblum throw beanies at one of the activities during the holiday party.

The language department hosted a festive holiday party during eighth period on Dec. 5 that featured cultural aspects of each of the languages taught here.  Each language had their own table where students participated in games to earn candy and ethnic food.

The French table challenged students to solve a Sodoku puzzle with countries instead of numbers, while the Japanese table taught students how to make holiday themed origami.  On the other hand, the Spanish table had grape-eating competitions and served a traditional bread dish.

“I really enjoyed the food, games and crafts from each language.  It gave me a taste for what different cultures were like,” freshman Shohini Gupta said.

The holiday party taught students how holidays are celebrated around the world in different cultures.  Although some of the activities were not related to the language presented, students enjoyed all that was offered.