Freshman kicked out of Turing Commons following complaints


Raed Mirza

English Teacher Errin Harris, whose room is situated in IBET Commons, has this poster outside her room above a trash can. “Eating in the commons is a privilege, not a right,” says the poster. Trash is the primary concern for teachers and staff, due to its ability to attract rodents

Raed Mirza and Staff Writer

Freshman were kicked out of the seating area for Turing Commons, though are still allowed to sit on the floor, on February 25th, after complaints from several staff. 

“On multiple occasions, staff have addressed the Turing Commons after lunch. Several staff, including teachers in the common area, have reported and shared pictures of trash, food and other items being left after lunch and also some unruly behavior. It appears that not all students are respecting this shared space,” 2023 Assistant Principal Volita Russel said in a google classroom post addressed to them. 

Trash can attract pets and rats to certain areas, which is why it is a major concern for staff.

They kicked us out for not being clean. This can cause pests and rats in the commons,” 2023 Class President Vinay Ayala said on Facebook.

However, the measure is only temporary and privileges returned Monday, March 2.“I trust that as of Monday, students will be more respectful of the area and understand the importance of cleaning up and conducting themselves appropriately,” Russel said.