2020 Wiki Speed Run Challenge begins


Screenshot taken from Wikipedia

The Wikipedia page for Wikirace explains what a Wikirace is and the rules for racing. “A Wikirace is a race between any number of participants, using links to travel from one Wikipedia page to another,” Wikipedia writes. These types of races have become increasingly popular, with online websites, such as thewikigame.com being made to facilitate online racing.

Raed Mirza, Staff Writer

The “2020 Wiki Speed Run Challenge” began on Wednesday, February 19th, with rounds set to take place during Lunch and JLC. 

The tournament is a bracket-style competition with 48 competitors, with competitors “racing” each other in matches from one starting Wikipedia page to another destination page, using only links. The competitor who reaches the final page fastest is considered the winner of their match. The final winner of the bracket will win a prize of their choosing, though this is not the primary focus of most competitors. 

“Personally, I don’t care that much about winning since the competition is more about having fun for me,” freshman and competitor Hamzah Jamal said.