Tomlinson’s “Walls” explores new boundaries in pop


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Louis Tomlinson has come out with a new album, Walls.

Nicholas Artiedamarin, Staff Writer

Released on Jan. 31, Walls is Tomlinson’s next big project after his days with One Direction, showing his evolution as a singer since 2016. Even though Tomilson released eight singles before 2020, Walls has been anticipated by the music community. 

Originally released on Sept. 5, 2019, “Kill My Mind”, is an attempt to create pop-rock with a guitar. Old British bands like Oasis and James influenced the style of Tomlinson’s first song of the album, as he was eager to explore his rock side. “Kill My Mind” is about how a certain woman controls him and makes him think about her all of the time. With the repeated phrase “you kill my mind” and the catchy rhythm of the guitar, “Kill My Mind” is a solid pop-rock song that will please both his old fans and new fans.

Tomlison’s second track “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” talks about how life always doesn’t treat you fairly and that you still need to continue with your life. For example, in this lyric, “Life gets hard and it gets messed up when you give so much, but it’s not enough,” Tomlinson talks about how even though you try your best on something, it still doesn’t work out. “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” is an average pop song with a slow beat that makes the song more meaningful.

Tomlinson’s fourth song, “We Made It”, was written two years ago but was only released in 2019. Since it was written long ago, the lyrics refer to the days where Tomlinson was with One Direction and couldn’t find his place there. With an acoustic guitar and a beat drop on the chorus, “We Made It” is an energetic song that represents what he did when he was younger.

Eponymous track  “Walls” begins with slow lyrics continuing into a more energetic part of the song. He thanks a particular person for making him stronger and a better songwriter with the lyrics, “so this one is a thank you for what you did to me.” The piano in the beginning continues into a guitar melody that builds up with more prominent lyrics. “Walls” is a track with a great build up to the more energetic point of the song.

“Always You” has a bouncy beat that sounds more like modern pop than all of his other songs. This song is the best of Walls in my opinion–the words have rhythm and go together perfectly with the beat behind the words. With the chorus singing “should’ve never let you go,” and the fast and catchy lyrics, “Always You” is a masterpiece in the pop industry. 

Overall, Walls is a catchy comeback album for Tomlinson after many years of his being dormant and only releasing singles. I would give the album a 7.5/10 because of its many different rhythms and beats that make the album whole.