Biotechnology Lab introduces CosmosID training


Nathan Mo

Seniors Miranda Khoury and Aria Moss engage in a video call with a CosmosID representative on Wednesday, February 12. “It’s really helpful to be able to participate in live video calls instead of video tutorials because we can ask questions in real time,” Khoury said.

Nathan Mo, Staff Writer

The Biotechnology Lab began optional lessons for students to learn and work with CosmosID, a new bioinformatics software. The software has been praised for its extremely accurate and precise processing of genes, leading it to become highly valued in metagenomics. Trainings occur via video call, with students calling a CosmosID representative on Wednesdays during 8B.

Senior Miranda Khoury, a participant in the training, wanted to learn more about up and coming technologies in the biotechnology field. 

“For a field that changes so often, like biotechnology, I think it’s important that people stay up to date with the newest technology and software so they can do their work as efficiently as possible,” Khoury said.

Khoury particularly enjoys the trainings because of the opportunity to have hands-on experience. 

“Being able to use the software first-hand to see how real professionals use it in their everyday work is fascinating. I think that it’s really cool that we, as high school students, are able to do the same work as professionals who are actually working in the [biotechnology] field,” Khoury said.