Quiz Bowl team wins Regional Scholastic Bowl


Following their victory at the regional scholastic bowl, the Quiz Bowl Team smiles with their trophy

Jeremy Kim, Staff Writer

The Quiz-Bowl team won first place at the VHSL Regional Scholastic Bowl tournament on Feb. 1.

The team went through a single-elimination style bracket in which they went undefeated to win the tournament.

“In our first round, we were actually losing in the beginning but that was mainly because our captain was late and not present. Afterward, we did really well in every game.” junior Alan Qi said. 

The team consisted primarily of freshmen and a few upperclassmen. Of the upperclassmen was co-captain and senior William Wang.

“The games were pretty close. The other teams in our region shuffled around a bit this year. So the teams in our region were pretty strong.” Wang said.

Wang stresses that without the team’s consistent practice, their most recent victory would not have been possible. 

“We usually scrimmage during the 8B Quiz Bowl meetings, play Protobowl, and flashcard using QuizDB and popular apps such as Anki and Mnemosyne,” Qi said.

For the team, practices are not only instrumental towards increasing their knowledge, but also serve as valuable time to plan strategies and build synergy. 

“Within each grade level, we encourage each individual member to work together with the other members of their class to develop a sense of teamwork,” Wang said. “In quiz bowl, because you play on teams of four, typically one person will know history really well one person will science really well. So we encourage each class to develop among themselves to get a good sense of who knows what.” 

Following their win at VHSL regionals, the Jefferson quiz bowl team will proceed to the VHSL states on Feb.29.

“We are all very happy and are excited for VHSL States, which will be held soon,” Qi said.