Sophomores attend research lab sessions


Maria Abramova

Leaning in, sophomore Blake Robinson explores the aquarium in the oceanography lab

Krisha Pawha, Staff Writer

Sophomores spent their eighth periods on Friday, Jan. 31 attending sessions to learn more about the research labs they can pursue during senior year. 

“Sophomore senior lab visits were an amazing opportunity to learn about the senior labs and their student projects while becoming more informed about the prerequisites and application process,” sophomore Michelle Du said.

The sessions were placed around course selection time to allow for sophomores to consider the prerequisite classes for the senior research labs that they are interested in. 

“All the lab directors talked about student projects that they were doing this year, and I feel like that was helpful because you could kind of see what you could do in the future,” sophomore Michelle Du, said

For sophomore Faith Wu, the sessions helped her learn more about labs that she hadn’t previously had the chance to explore.

“Before I went to these sessions, I had kind of decided that I wanted to do the Mobile and Web App Development senior research lab, but after going to do the session, it kind of made me want to do other labs, or at least see what the other ones were about more,” Wu said.