Streams IBET students teach elementary school students with their electronic toys


Ayush Das

Freshman Rusheel Nadipally and freshman Dhruv Khatod demonstrate circuits and electrical components to eager elementary school students.

Ayush Das, Staff Writer

The Streams IBET displayed their electronic toys from Design and Tech to elementary school students at Weyanoke Elementary School on January 30, 2019. Students interacted with the elementary school students to impart an interest in STEM subjects and give a demonstration of the application of computer science in engineering.

“We created an experience that was both engaging and hands-on for the children that the kids were able to tangibly learn from and connect to,” freshman Raghav Tirumale said.

Students had to interact with the younger audience and explain concepts in a different way than they normally did.

“Some concepts were slightly difficult to explain,” Tirumale said, “but overall they seemed engaged and interested in the topics we were explaining to them.”

Students believe that this experience will have a large impact on the interests of the elementary school students in the future.

“We planted a seed for [the elementary school students] to learn more about technology and being an innovative thinker in general,” Tirumale said.